Happy New Year – A Celebration of 2018

Looking back on the past year feels so much different than usual.

Something significant has shifted. Do you feel it? Do you feel the subtle shift of you growing into yourself?

Sometimes growth can be painful. As though life has thrown us about and growth is the inevitable result. Other times it’s slow, steady, expansive.

I’ve had the “thrown about” years. This wasn’t one of them. This one felt magical and filled with intention. And that makes sense because my intentions were clear. Clarity is another elusive beast that made an appearance in my life this year…

At the start of 2018 I decided to live from a place of inner wealth. I listed the things I would do if I were wealthy— A win-the-lotto type of scenario if you will. And most were actually things that I could begin right away, like:

  • begin coach training
  • create an Joyful community
  • create a place for people to align with themselves and with life more fully

And I figured why wait? Why wait for a future time that may never come when I can begin living my dreams now? That time you are waiting for is now! Just start.

And so this year has been a grand experiment gone right. My extreme Joy Strategy (only saying yes to things that contributed to my Joy) was paying off in huge dividends. The more I followed my Joy, the more I raised my vibration and attracted more Joyful things, people, and experiences.

In honour of celebrating the wins, I’ve curated a list of milestones and amazing moments from the past year. I recommend you do the same!

Here are my High Fives of 2018:

  1. Choosing an Inner Wealth Mentality & Joy Strategy
  2. Setting intentions for the year in work, life, and play
  3. Teaching meditation with David at Lifestyle Meditation
  4. Law Of Attraction Coach Training withTanya Hrehirchuk 
  5. Trip to Curacao with the boys. (David and my Brother Lee)
  6. The creation of The Joy Sessions 
  7. The summer of retreats (Photography + FUN!)
     • Lifestyle Meditation Staff Retreat at Kananaskis Nordic Spa 
    • Wild & Free Retreat at Panther River
    • Wellness Wisdom & Wilderness Retreat for Women  at Pure Awareness
  8. Conference with Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo and Jasmine Star in San Diego
  9. Participating in The Joy Panel event by Glow Juicery
  10. First in-person KAPOW Workshop-Putting the Joy back in your biz
  11. The Joy Sessions online launch! 
  12. Seattle trip with my love for his 40th Birthday!
  13. Building The J-Team! Letting go of the Lone Wolf Syndrome which is no longer serving me and curating a resonant team of experts to support me and help me blast the world with more Joy!
  • My bookkeeping consultant (and sweet Mother-In-Law) Christine Schecher of The Right Ledger.
  • My  BMSCA coach trainer and coach Tanya Hrehirchuk
  • My amazing editor, writer and friend Laura Barakeris.
  • Friend and meditation mentor Mandy Trapp and all of the beautiful teachers & practitioners at Lifestyle Meditation.
  • Astrologer, psychic medium and coach Sheetal Story.
  • Acupuncture & self care goddess Tamara Gervais of Soul Restoration.
  • My friend and incredible photographer Emilie Iggiotti for many of the photos on this site.
  • Last but not least, my biggest support David and our sweet baby girl Lily Bean and our friends and family.

The unfolding of this fruitful year has involved the regular planting of seeds and the constant tending of my creativity. Filled with the excitement of possibility, I had to reign myself in (something entirely new to me) and train my mind on the following phrase: F*cking Focus! I wrote down new ideas and directed myself back to my main goals. And I gained some unexpected things this year. I had a lot of fun public speaking and I’m growing a strong J-team.

And so, in looking back at the past year, what I really want to do is celebrate. This post certainly highlights the good, and the Joyful. Full transparency, there has been contrast as well. It has been a wild ride. At times, so scary and overwhelming. But also  fulfilling, rewarding and abundant with Joy. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the transition of my offerings and these new developments. To my family and friends, and clients old and new. Thank you!!!

I look ahead with enthusiasm as I continue to focus on blasting Joy world-wide while inspiring others to live, work, and play in alignment.

In honour of the upcoming New year, let’s celebrate YOU!  

What are some of the most pivotal moments in your past year?

Where were the opportunities for growth?

What can you celebrate?

In honour of aligning with Joy in the new year, may I ask:

What would you love to experience in 2019?

What do you need to let go of in order to make way for your dreams?

How will you make your dreams a priority?

Cheers to you my friend. Look how far you’ve come! Celebrate every subtle shift. Every way in which you’ve come back to yourself. Know that wherever you are is perfect and always be sure to leave room for your dreams. Remember that JOY is always the best strategy!

And here’s to an aligned, abundant and Joyful 2019!

Happy New Year,

Xj, Jillian

Joy To The World

The holidays can be a beautiful time of year filled with love, family, and the promise of a new year. It can also be a hard time for many. Whatever you may be experiencing—whether stress, loss, loneliness, addiction, grief, or illness—please know you’re not alone. Know that wherever you are is okay. That behind all of the cheer and pretty holiday pictures others too might be having a challenging time. They may simply be choosing to focus on the things that make them feel brighter.

Since losing my Father, the holidays have always been very difficult. And with the passing of my Grandma and Grandpa, I didn’t feel like celebrating last year at all. In fact, we really didn’t. 

This year, I thought I would once again pass on all the holiday hoo-ha, but digging deeper, I experienced a sense of sadness when I thought about overlooking it. And I realized that I do want to engage in the spirit of it. I want to experience the wonder, the love, and the magic of the simple things. In being with people I love. In letting others know how much they mean to me. In giving what I have to give and being truly present in whatever it is I’m doing. In creating space for others who may also struggle during this time for a variety of humanly reasons.

What I’ve come to realize is that the holidays can be anything I want them to be. I get to choose this adventure the same way I get to choose all of the other ones. And so this year I decided to let go of the story that Christmas is a hard time. I sat with questions such as: How can I look at Christmas differently? And, what might joy look and feel like this Christmas?

I opened my heart to receive guidance. What came through was that I needed to create new traditions. Ones that meet me where I’m at now. This year it means getting a tree. A little one, but a real one. It means placing winter greens and candles around the house. It means cuddling up and drinking nog with my sweet little family. It means going to a Christmas buffet (something I am very excited about btw!) Taking inspired action has seriously jacked up the Christmas spirit over here. It’s not the same. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it never will be. Things are different. And there is so much beauty in accepting that. In honouring the truth of where I am. In making it sacred.

Through this process I realized that letting go of the old stories of how things ‘should’ be liberated me from the unhelpful thoughts that were no longer serving me. It was as though someone turned on the lights and I was experiencing my life in the present rather than from the past. It’s allowed me to appreciate things for what they are. I felt myself open up to the possibility of a Joyful Christmas and my heart filled with gratitude. I visualized myself laughing, smiling, and feeling peaceful & content and I am so looking forward to spending quality time with my loved ones.  

This experience has reminded me that in any moment we can let it all go. We can release expectations and thoughts that don’t serve us, reset our intentions, and put energy into what we want to experience.  

How do you want to feel? What inspired actions will help to get you there? Remember that within every breath is the opportunity to come back to yourself and connect with the magic of each moment. Whatever that means for you.

Wishing you much Love, Peace and Joy this holiday season.

Merry Christmas,