Work With Me

As a multi-passionate Joy & Mindfulness Coaching (and self-proclaimed Joy Wizard), I teach people how to use The Joy Method™ to experience more balance, abundance, and Joy in ALL aspects of life. I empower business owners, leaders, and teams to align with Joy so we can light up the world together.

Private Coaching

One-on-one sessions to meet you where you're at and remind you of the limitless potential available to you - whether you're stuck, need clarity, soulful strategy, and/or a roadmap. It's time to build JOY into your life and your work. Areas I support with include:

  • Joy Based Values
  • Soulful Business Strategy
  • Confidence Building
  • Business & Life Alignment
  • Practical Manifestation & Dream Building
  • Abundance Activations
  • Brand Design & Photography (optional add ons)
  • Soulful Branding, Selling, & Marketing
  • Energy Management & More...

Corporate Support

Support your valued people with tools to reduce stress and inspire wellness while improving happiness AND productivity. Hire me to work with you/your team to create a happy, peaceful, and productive work environment. 

  • Virtual & In Person Joy Session Workshops
  • Corporate & Team Coaching Packages
  • Joy Based Values
  • Healthy & Thriving Workplace Culture
  • Personal Accountability & Leadership Development
  • Team Connection & Empowerment
  • Conscious Communication
  • Peaceful & Profitable Business Building
  • Practical Joy Methodology

Speaking & Workshops

Empower yourself and your group or team with practical ways to feel better while cultivating Joy in life, work, and relationships. If you want to support those around you in feeling better and raise the Joy levels of your company or community the possibilities are endless. Examples of themes include:

  • The Practice of Joy
  • Set Up For Success
  • Real Life Magic – Setting Powerful Joy Based Goals
  • Spark Joy and Design a Life of Purpose
  • Joy Leadership + Walking The Walk
  • Build a Sustainable Life AND Business with Joy
  • Visioning & Team Building
  • Soulful Branding, Selling, & Marketing
  • Energy Management & More...

Joy Facilitation & Leadership Development

Dream, lead and inspire Joy in your life, work, and community as a Joy Sessions™ Facilitator. 

  • Joy Sessions™ Workshop Facilitator Training
  • Joy Method™ Coaching Education
  • Soulful Branding & Business Building
  • Joy Sessions™ Meditation Training
  • Law of Attraction Education
  • Cognitive Behavioural Theory Education
  • Mindful Living & So Much More...

Words of Appreciation

"Jillian helped me to realize the value I have in myself. She guided me through various exercises to see the light in myself. I started to see “me” and see my worth not only in business but I’m myself. I uncovered some shadows that were no longer serving me and I said YES to all of them. I couldn’t have been happier with my journey with Jillian!"

“Jillian was amazing to work with! She was so organized and grounded in her approach. She is always so positive and joyful and that made me feel safe to be seen for who I truly am. She was patient with me and really coached me into becoming more visible. She is so intuitively tapped in, that her branding and ideas are truly solid gold. I would highly recommend Jillian to anyone. She is worth every single penny.”

Elyse Cathrea, Life + Wellness Coach


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