Workshops + Speaking 

Joy + Mindfulness  for companies, teams, communities and schools.

For Events, Companies, Teams & Communities

Want to light up your life and the lives of those around you with Joy?

Empower your community, customers and team members with practical ways to feel better while cultivating Joy in life, work, and relationships.

Supporting your people with Joy + mindfulness tools often leads to less stress, better work/life balance, productivity, self-confidence and general life satisfaction.

Joy Session™ workshops range anywhere from single 60-minute experiences to year long programs. If you want to support those around you in feeling better and raise the Joy levels of your company, community or school, the possibilities are endless.

Joy Sessions proven and practical tools such as meditation and The Daily Joy Journal™ to individuals, teams, and communities to reduce stress and inspire wellness, compassion and connection.

I've had the opportunity to work with companies such as lululemon, TD Canada Trust, SAJE Natural Wellness, NAIT and more.

If you want to support those around you in feeling better and raise the Joy levels of your team, or community, the possibilities are endless...let's talk further! 

It’s time to light up the world together!


Photos from Joy Session Workshops at lululemon, Kingsway Mall. Photo credit: @emilieiggiottiphotos  | emilieiggiotti.com


"I’m so grateful for The Joy Sessions. I’ve learned to listen to myself, forgive myself, and most importantly I’ve learned how to protect my joy!"


"The Joy Sessions were exactly what I needed to bring me out of the funk I found myself in. Jillian creates a safe, fun, expansive space to dive into your own divine wisdom and lift yourself up!"


Jill helped me determine what is most important to me, and gave me the tools that will allow me to apply those things to my everyday life!


"I absolutely LOVED The Joy Sessions! Jillian’s heart and excitement guides and empowers you to live a more Joy-full , heart-centered, aligned life. Thank you so much Jillian!"


"After 4 weeks of Joy Sessions I feel clear on what Joy means to me and free to practice Joy. I am aligned with my core values now and clear on how to practice Joy daily."


"As someone who is always in my head, this allowed me to delve deep into why I was feeling what I was, when I was. It allowed me to let go and change perspective on certain aspects in my everyday life. I recommend this to everyone feeling anxious, stressed, or just out of sorts. It just may change you for the better."


Joy session workshop with POPPY BARLEY

Corporate Coaching Programs

For Companies & Teams

Experience a healthier work environment and team members who:

  • Feel happier at work and at home
  • Have increased energy and motivation
  • Feel more confidence
  • Foster empowered team and interpersonal relationships
  • Communicate in a calm yet clear manner
  • Have more work/life balance
  • Are positive and nicer to work with
  • Take accountability for their happiness and well-being

Imagine having a team that is ignited, energized and excited to use their strengths to make a positive impact and increase the success of the company as a whole.

Let’s make it a reality!

Empower yourself and others with:

  1. Specific strategies to create positive momentum in your life.
  2. An awareness of the ways you may be creating what you don’t want.
  3. Tangible ways to feel good and create the aligned abundance you deserve.
  4. Tools to help you rise up into your JOY!

Whether you are interested in a workshop or a longer program, create an environment of Joy for your community, clients and customers and watch the magic unfold.

Life is too short to wake up dreading the day ahead. It's time to replace stress and overwhelm with ease and Joy and wake up to a life we love. I have a workshop for that...