Community Resource List

Edmonton and Area

While I do my best to support my clients,  it is important for me to note that Coaching, Joy Magic and The Joy Session workshops + programs are not counselling psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalytical, psychiatry, nor is it a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business or other qualified professionals trained in their field.

Throughout my life I have relied on the help of many. I've sought help from doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, dieticians, acupuncturists, astrologers, reiki masters, psychic mediums, coaches, massage therapists, you name it! I believe at any point in life we either have the ability to lift others or be lifted. 

If at any time should you feel like you need additional support, depending on your needs here are some suggestions: 

Crisis LINES national:

Crisis Services Canada (24/7):  1-833-456-4566 or text 45645

Canada Drug Rehab Addiction Services Directory:  1-877-746-1963

CRISIS LINES edmonton and area:

Distress Line (24/7):   780-482-HELP (4357)

AHS - Crisis Response Team (24/7):  780-342-7777

Mental Health Help Line (24/7):  1-877-303-2642

Access 24/7:  780-424-2424


Counselling Options Available In Your Area: 211

Compassionate Counselling - Carolyn Lentz : 780-482-1847

Momentum Walk - In Counselling: 780-757-0900

holistic, Alternative & Community support:

Acupuncture - Tamara Gervais (Soul Restoration): 780-761-3620

The Practice - Mandy Trapp (Classes & Workshops): https://www.mandytrapp.com/

Soul Clearing - Elise Brathwaite (SRT) https://www.elisebrathwaite.com/

Business Coaching + Medium + Hypnosis - Tanya Hrehirchuk: 780-237-6905

Soulful Guidance + Tarot Readings - Mallorie Buoy: 780-242-3853 

Be Free Yoga & Freedom Experiences - Katie Jolicoeur:  780-238-3359

Astrology | Mediumship + Coaching - Sheetal Story:  780-239-1005

We All Believe In You – Community: weallbelieveinyou.com/meetings

Personal development courses + seminars:

Integrity Seminars -  https://integrityseminars.com/


Pine Integrated Health Centre 587-855-5598

Park Integrative Health:  780-570-8480