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Joy + Mindfulness Coach

Hello! I'm Jillian Schecher and I'm a multi-passionate Joy + Mindfulness Coach and the author of The Daily Joy Journal and creator and lead facilitator of The Joy Sessions.  I teach people how to use The Joy Method™ and experience more energy, abundance and JOY in life and business. 

I believe JOY is our natural state and we all have something special to offer by being who we are as fully as possible. Often this involves self-compassion and the space to dig into the truth of who we are. I love creating that space for people...I also love LOL-ing! 

Life is made up of a small, magical moments and my goal to live in each one as fully as possible while inspiring others to do the same.

I value connection, creativity, alignment and JOY. I love people and loud hard laughs! I also love quiet solitary moments & cozy days filled with candles, books and puppy cuddles — introverted-extrovert (ambivert) over here.

I love adventure AND the grounded comfort of home. I am a master-manifestor (Human Design Manifestor 5/1 Splenic Authority) and a highly sensitive empath – I've learned to embrace it as a superpower. My biggest desire? To live a brightly lit life from the inside out while supporting, encouraging and inspiring others to do the same...


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – University of Alberta
Psychology Assistant (Edmonton Women's Prison + Private Practice)
12 Years of Branding + Photography Business Experience
225 hours of Meditation Teacher Training
Reiki Certifications (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
Law of Attraction Coach Certification-9 Months
Master Coaching Certification-9 Months
Countless Circles + Sacred Containers
Joy Session™ Workshop facilitation for companies including:
Lululemon, Poppy Barley and TD Canada Trust, SAJE Wellness, NAIT, Fairmont Hotels, Google and more
A lifetime of encouraging others to shine and a personal Daily Joy Practice;)

My Story

I've spent most of my life using Joy as my strategy. I say “most of my life” because there have been times when I was lost...I look back now and can see the places where I left Joy on the side of the road. Where I forgot it while trying to numb other things like pain, grief and anxiety. Where I left myself to rescue others or stayed in discomfort to make others comfortable.  It wasn’t until I chose sobriety and developed a regular meditation practice that I began to befriend my feelings.

After years of not feeling enough, of sacrificing, people-pleasing and numbing, I finally began feeling enough. The secret to all of it? Feeling. Feeling the “good”, and the “bad”.

This is where all of my Joy work stems from. ⁣⁣To me, Joy means having the courage to honour the discomfort in order to begin moving through it.  If there is one thing I continue to relearn and share with others, it's how the ability to feel and move through discomfort allows us to experience the light.

To me, Joy means having the courage to move through discomfort and get to the other side. on repeat. 

As the deliberate designer of my life, I now teach people how to feel. How to befriend their emotions and use them as a guide. Our feelings are our compass! I wake up excited to practice and teach The Joy Method™ while creating a space for others to do the same.

No matter where you are or what you’re experiencing, I’m here to say, you and your feelings matter. A LOT.  It’s time for you to feel better, reconnect with Joy and create positive momentum in your life. Allow me to guide you back to yourself. To Joy.

You are powerful AF and I would love to empower you to IGNITE your inner Joy Warrior so that you can become the deliberate designer of a life you are excited about.  

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My mission is to light up the world with Joy and help others own and share their brilliance! I see limitless possibilities for everyone...

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