Wake up to a life you love

Wake up to a life you love

Meet Jillian

Hello my friend! I’m Jillian and I teach people how to use The Joy Method™ to experience more balance, inner sturdiness and Joy in ALL aspects of life. I empower business owners, leaders, teams, and communities to align with Joy so we can light up the world together!

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Introducing – The Joy Method™

This FREE guide will introduce you to The Joy Method™ and walk you through a 7 step process to begin aligning with Joy and feel better NOW!


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The Daily Joy Journal

Align with Your Joy Daily

The Daily Joy Journal

Align with Your Joy Daily

Kind Words

"Working with Jillian is amazing. At first, she was the force that propelled me forward to the next level, and now that we've been doing this a while, she's like a comforting long time friend who knows just what I need! I feel it's a very resonant working relationship, we connected right off the bat and I still feel that connection when we work together."



The Joy Sessions

The Joy Sessions On-Demand Program is about going within to create sturdiness so that no matter what is happening around you, you can still wake up to a life you love.

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