Are you an impact-driven, heart-led company who values people?

Now is the time to support your people in a meaningful way. 

The stress people are under and the spillover into morale, productivity and results in the workplace cannot be ignored. People are feeling overwhelmed, depleted and unmotivated. This will impact the energy of the workplace and your bottom line if not addressed. 

Recent studies show alarming statistics within the workplace during the last year:

According to The Harvard Business Review, “Stress makes people nearly three times as likely to leave their jobs, temporarily impairs strategic thinking, and dulls creative abilities. Burnout, then, is a threat to your bottom line, one that costs the U.S. more than $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity, and medical, legal, and insurance costs.”

And, according to The Canadian Association of Mental Health, found that 50% of Canadians reported their mental health is worse than 12 months ago with many feeling worried (44%) and anxious (41%).

81% of Canadian workers reported that the pandemic negatively impacted their mental health, indicating a significant drop in overall mental health since 12 months ago.

Support your valued people with tools to reduce stress and inspire wellness while improving happiness AND productivity.

Corporate Joy + Mindfulness Coaching 

Experience a healthier work environment + team members who:

  • Feel happier at work and at home
  • Have increased energy and motivation
  • Feel more confidence
  • Foster empowered team and interpersonal relationships
  • Communicate in a calm yet clear manner
  • Have more work/life balance
  • Are positive and nicer to work with
  • Take accountability for their happiness and well-being

Imagine having a team that is ignited, energized and excited to make a positive impact. Let’s make it a reality! 

This is how we raise the vibration in the world...

Program Details

This Corporate Coaching Program takes a holistic approach to wellness with an emphasis on Joy + mindfulness. It includes private coaching and uplifting lunch hour sessions to cultivate healthy mindsets and habits reinforced over time.

Through a guided 3-month program, I will teach team members practical ways to reduce stress and overwhelm by developing a positive relationship with their thoughts and feelings, while taking accountability for their happiness and wellbeing. This will create positive momentum in all areas of their lives. 


  • 3 Months of Corporate Joy + Mindfulness Coaching
  • Lunch hour Joy Session™ Training
  • One-on-one Coaching for Team Members
  • The Daily Joy Journal™ for Additional Support

All sessions include education and practical exercises around The Joy Method™ and tools such as The Daily Joy Journal™ to encourage supportive routines that reduce stress and support wellness.


Rates vary depending on number of employees. Reach out below to discuss the possibilities.

You're in good company

It’s been my honour to work with companies such as:

lululemon | TD Canada Trust | Saje natural wellness | nait 

Success Stories

from a ceo

“If asked if a company should work with Jillian and Joy coaching, I would ask them a couple of questions in response:

  • Are you more productive if you are happier?
  • Is your staff more productive if they are happier?
  • Do personal issues of any of your staff impact their work ever?
  • Is a happier work environment good for the bottom line?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then you need to work with Jillian.

Jillian’s tools and techniques have helped me to be a better leader, and have helped me and my team deal with the various hurdles that come with being human and trying to do our best. My personal happiness has improved, and I am able to deal with the stress of entrepreneurial life with more equanimity.

And as our staff has gone through their own roller coasters, Jillian has provided them with tools to make them more successful. Yes life happens. But how we respond to it is the key, and Jillian’s tools help us respond better.

The best part? I get to look like a hero for investing the time and resources to help my team perform better in their work lives and their personal lives. Which always helps my ego, and our morale if nothing else…”

Chris Floden, President, Mountain Buffalo

Success Stories


"Jillian is literally a Joy to work with! Her methods are simple and have had a great impact on my everyday thinking. I now refocus rather than put myself down. Two Words – Self Care. That is what the Joy Method is all about; making changes to bring Joy into your life."

“Jillian and her program have helped me navigate some recent challenges. Professionally having taken on a new role, I was stressed about expectations and performance. Jillian helped me work through that stress and realize it was pressure I was putting on myself, not the expectations of others. My sessions with Jillian have all had positive outcomes. I would recommend her as a coach for both professional and personal growth.”

“Jillian’s approach and tools reminded me that so much of how I feel about life, regardless of whether I am on a high mountain or in a deep valley, is completely up to me. She provided me with the ladder to start climbing out of the rut I found myself lingering in following my divorce. Jillian reminded me that joy is found in the way I choose to view life and where I set my focus.”

Meet Jillian

Creator of The Daily Joy Journal™ and The Joy Method™, Jillian Schecher is a multi-passionate Joy + Mindfulness Coach whose mission is to empower others to experience more balance, purpose and Joy in ALL aspects of life.

She equips your team members with practical tools to feel better while cultivating Joy in life, work, and relationships. Jillian ignites individuals, groups and teams to take responsibility for Joy which often leads to less stress, better work/life balance, productivity, self-confidence and general life satisfaction.