LImitless Opportunities

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a loooooong list of creative career & life experiences, I’m here to tell you that no matter where you are, it’s never too late to follow your heart. 

I started University at 21.

I became a hairstylist at 27.

I went to design school at 33.

I started my coaching career when I was 40.

Who knows where I’ll  be at 50, 60, 70…90…

Wherever I am, I guarantee I’ll be learning something new. Because what are we even doing if not shifting, growing and expanding? Each new day is an opportunity to bring something new to the world.

The sky is the limit! 

Every moment is a new opportunity to show up more fully you, and live (and share) your Joy. You are limitless potential! Just a short and sweet reminder that you are not behind. You are exactly on time with limitless opportunities ahead of you. 

If you could release the expectations of time and allow your heart to speak to you, what would it say? Where would it take you? 

Now is the time to listen! 

If you are hearing the call of your heart and ready to explore what Joyful living means for you, check out the On Demand version of The Joy Sessions Online Program. 

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HiI’m Jillian

I would love to support you in reclaiming Joy in your work, life and play so you can wake up to a life you freaking love!


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