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You are here to grow and shift and evolve. You are here to share your special gifts. You are here to light up the freaking world! ⁣⁣⁣⁣

How do you do this? By letting go of who you think you “should” be. By giving yourself the room to explore the truth of who you are. By realizing that you are here for many reasons, and you are living all of them simply by breathing and showing up.

By waking up and opening your eyes each day knowing you are a gift! Life is a gift! You don’t have to do anything to be deserving or enough. But, you do have an opportunity to feel excited about your life, the people in it and the things on your plate. Our feelings are our compass. They are here to inform us and guide us. ⁣⁣⁣⁣


I am familiar with what it feels like to be cut off from my feelings and live in misalignment. As a sober and intuitive Joy Coach I now teach people how to feel again. How to reconnect with, and befriend themselves. I don’t believe this needs to be super hard or take years to achieve. In every moment we have the opportunity to shift everything by choosing how we are showing up to life. I help people to do this in alignment with Joy. 

I offer a variety of one-on-one, group, community and online options in order to serve as many people in the best way possible.

Please have a look at my Joyful offerings below and if you have any questions, please ask.


Expansion Group Coaching with Jillian Schecher
The Joy Nest with Jillian Schecher


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