What does your life look like 12 weeks from now ?

Joy  Requires  Action

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will gain tangible ways to tap into your unlimited potential and be accountable to yourself in the most sacred and mindful ways.  

If you are ready to stand in your personal power, rise up into your life and take inspired action like a badass soul aligning mo-fo, the Expansion 12 Week Program is for you.

It's time to honour your life, befriend yourself and create positive momentum toward your soul goals.

This is is next level life design, from the inside out...

It is time to  E X P A N D.


Joy + Mindfulness Group Coaching Program

starts MAY 26th


• Weekly Live Online Sessions 

• Soul Goal Setting

• Weekly Alignment Guide Posts

• Living The Joy Method

• The Practice Of Joy

•  Introduction to Ayurveda

• Meditation

• Law of Attraction

• Chakra Healings

• Life Expansion

• A Private Facebook Community

Truth Talk

Are you tired of:

• Making promises to yourself that you don't keep?
• Sabotaging yourself?
• Feeling comfortable yet misaligned?
• Letting fear & resistance stop you?

If you feel like you need a loving kick in the ass, a push, someone or something to hold you accountable. If you know deep down you are meant for more. If you have a hard time focusing and you are ready to transform your brilliant ideas.  If you are ready to push past the resistance and PLAY BIG and feel excited about the next level of your life, then I can honestly say: YOU BELONG HERE. 

That's right my friend. You. Belong. Here.


"The expansion program and working with Jillian was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. 

It really showed me the areas in my life where I needed to dig and and do some work. I felt fully supported by Jillian our expansion group. I will be forever grateful to have been part of this program. "


"I truly learned and FEEL a joyful life is 100% available to us all - even in the hard times.

This was the best investment I’ve made for myself to date! I’m so grateful for EXPANSION, the practices I can rely on, the space Jillian created for us, and the accountability and support we had. If you feel the draw to this… DO IT."    


It's time to play BIG + EXPAND 

Comfort can keep us small in that it protects us from the possibility of failing, being hurt or criticized.

Enough with playing small. It's time to make this life about you! About unfolding your potential, aligning with your purpose and making your mark on this world.  It's time to light up the world with your light!

Join me and a community of E X P A N S I O N go-getters as we rise on up into our lives while expanding the possibilities.

EXPANSION Program Details + Pricing

Program Dates:

Begins May 26th,  7 pm MST

Sessions are 90 Minutes and take place live via Zoom and continue for 12 weeks on Tuesdays. 

If you can't attend the live sessions, don't worry, I've got you! All sessions are recorded.


• Weekly Live Online Sessions 

• Soul Goal Setting

• Weekly Alignment Guide Posts

• Living The Joy Method

• The Practice Of Joy

•  Introduction to Ayurveda

• Meditation

• Law of Attraction

• Chakra Healings

• Life Expansion

• A Private Facebook Community

Extra JOY:

• Inspirational JOY Printable

• Recorded Guided Meditation Bundle – for alignment, getting into flow and connecting to higher self.

3 Monthly payments 



Full Payment 


It's time to take inspired action. It's time to EXPAND.

Awareness, commitment, and sacred discipline are key to living in alignment. If you are tired of putting off things that are good for you and are ready to commit to yourself and to Joy, you are in the right place.

The EXPANSION Program is for you if you are ready to:

•  Stop making excuses and putting things off.

•  Show up fully and play BIG

•  Take full responsibility for your Joy

•  Be 100% accountable to yourself.

• Take inspired action, create positive momentum and wake up to a life you love. 

It’s time to clear the way for an aligned life that feels the way you want to feel! There are no barriers to your dreams and anything you truly desire is possible. It's time to deliberately design a life you love by walking the walk. 

As a Joy + Mindfulness Coach, I am here to support you in unfolding all of your unique potential. I am here to guide, inspire, support, and encourage your EXPANSION.  If you are 100% committed to yourself and to meeting the goals and guide posts you soulfully set for yourself, then I guarantee you will get results. REALLY BIG ONES! 

Awareness, commitment, and sacred discipline are key to living in alignment. If you are tired of making excuses and are ready to play BIG, you are in the right place. 

Your future self will thank you.


Not long ago, I joined a group fitness program. I'm an extroverted – introvert (aka: ambivert), I love people, AND I'm also a bit of a lone wolf.  There are certain things I prefer to do alone. Working out was one of those things. The problem?  I didn't ever do it!

Fitness was too expensive, hard to make time for, easy to ignore, overlook, and generally put off over and over again. In this lower vibrational energy there was so much resistance. Finally, I grew tired of the sabotaging myself. 

Booking my workouts held me accountable. Busting my ass alongside others who are similarly grunting and groaning made me feel less alone on the way to feeling strong and showing up for myself. Looking back I can see how letting myself off the hook was actually allowing my lower self (what I call the ego, or the human self) to take over. It meant not doing it at all. It meant chronically feeling less good than I could have.

With accountability, sacred discipline and inspired action, I'm a brighter and more vibrant version of myself. Not just because I'm healthy and strong, but because I'm showing up. For myself. For others. For life. This is why we come together! 

Accountability. Community. Inspiration. Encouragement. Commitment. 

These are just a handful of benefits. There are a zillion more...


A Note From Jillian

I have spent most of my life using Joy as my strategy. I say “most of my life” because there have been times when I was lost...I look back now and can see the places where I left Joy on the side of the road. Where I forgot it while trying to numb other things like pain, grief and anxiety. 

Where I left myself to rescue others or stayed in discomfort to make others comfortable. After years of not feeling enough, of sacrificing, people-pleasing and numbing, I finally began feeling enough. The secret to all of it? Feeling. Feeling the good, and the bad. Especially the bad. 

This is where all of my Joy work stems from. ⁣⁣To me, Joy means having the courage to honour the darkness in order to begin moving through it.  

Moments that feel dark, painful and uncomfortable are the moments I get to practice what I preach. And let’s be clear. It is a practice!! I believe I am being given these opportunities for growth so I can say this: ⁣

Fear and resistance are not here to stop you. They are here to show you where to hold a higher vision for yourself. One that includes the realness of f*cking up, owning up and showing up. This is how we grow into ourselves. It’s not by becoming better...it’s by owning all of our aspects. The dark and the light.

We have been given the opportunity like none other before to redesign our lives. We have the opportunity to go within and align with who we truly are. On a soul level, contrast (the yucky-ness of life) is here to show us where to re-vision. Where things might not be working so that we can begin to rebuild a life that is both sustainable AND in alignment with how we want to feel.

I’m here to say you don’t need to wait one more minute to step into your truth, your desires, your dreams or your greatness. ⁣It's time to set your soul goals and clear the path to a life you love. A life you're excited to wake up to! I can't wait to support you in doing this. 

If you’ve been playing small or waiting until you’re more this or that to play big, I have a message for you. The time is now. ⁣

Are you ready for this?

Joyfully, Jillian 

Are you ready to  expand?






Privacy Policy    Disclaimer: This is not a replacement for therapy.