I’m Jillian

I would love to support you in reclaiming Joy in your work, life and play so you can wake up to a life you freaking love!


Do you ever feel like this?

How good would it feel to create space for ourselves to be wherever we are?

Whether you’re tired, happy, restful, sad, lonely, angry, hopeful, annoyed, frustrated, content, playful, anxious, or just feeling meh....can you give yourself permission to feel any and all of it? 

With self compassion and care, can you allow yourself to breathe more fully so that you can move through life with less resistance and more ease?

Sometimes I pause and realize that I’m pushing. Hard.

That I’m constantly reaching to know better, be better, do better. Like I’m always striving.

I’ve been feeling frustrated with myself lately, but I know this is not helpful for anyone, especially me.  Rather than forcing myself to be somewhere else, I’ve been trying to let myself be where I am.

By allowing ourselves to flow with life we begin to deepen our relationship with it.text here...

 To embrace whatever season I’m in. To embrace a slower pace and allow the possibilities to show themselves. More creativity and opportunity.

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 Feel Better Now

If you’re also feeling frustrated with where you are, or what you’re feeling, remember that the seasons change, and by allowing ourselves to flow with life we can begin to deepen our relationship with it. 


​​Have the best day being right where you are!



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