The reality of dreams

Every now and then I have moments when I remember how misaligned I used to feel in my life. I was working a job that left me feeling depleted and depressed. I dreaded the day ahead and couldn't wait to be finished work to go home and swallow it all down with a couple glasses of wine. Despite numbing myself, I was still on a spiritual path. It just wasn't as clear as it is now. I would get up every morning and write out Louise Hay inspired affirmations about what I truly desired. About how I wanted to use my strengths and gifts to be of service in the world to support and connect with others who are similarly passionate about making an impact by sharing their gifts.

Flash forward to now and my dream life is a reality. It's not perfect, but it is blessed AF. I'm sober and more plugged in than I ever thought possible. I'm surrounded by people I love who love and value me and I spend my days working with amazing clients doing things that bring me and the world JOY...

Why am I telling you this? Not to boast (though I do believe in celebrating ourselves and our lives)... I am sharing this because I want you to know your desires and dreams, the things you crave on a soul level, are here to show you what is possible. Step one to achieving your dreams is believing they can actually come true. So believe in the possibilities and dream your ass off!

My friend, it’s time to wake up to a life you freaking love! One that feels exciting, and purposeful, and Joyful, and abundant, and aligned. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be opportunities for growth (aka: challenges), AND when you are in alignment you will realize it’s all here to grow you.

Are you ready to believe in yourself? In your limitless possibilities? I sure hope so. The world needs that special thing that only you have. It’s time to move toward your dreams and shine!

If you knew that you could make your dreams come true by writing them down every day, what would you write? Take it a step further and feel into the experience of it. There is magic in naming, claiming and feeling into your dream experiences. This is why I do it and I encourage all of my clients and students to do it. This sh*t works! This is the #1 secret to becoming a master manifestor.

Xj, Jillian

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