the Antidote to stress

Stress spins are a form of self-sabotage. They often happen when we allow our inner critic to drive the Joy bus. Want to live a better life? Invite your highest self to drive the bus instead. How? Here's a quick exercise to try:

5 ways to feel better if you're in a stress spin:

1 - Ask yourself what you are stressed about. Clarity is everything! 

2 - Make a "stress" list and give yourself space to get it out. 

3 - Next, create a "peace" list. On this list write down all of the inspired actions that will support you in feeling better.

4 - Once complete, look at your list and schedule your inspired actions to move toward peace.

5 - Feel proud AF knowing you are a Joy Warrior taking accountability for designing a life you feel good about.

Whether it's a conversation, an email, a decision. Whatever it is, stress is telling you to do it. Do the thing and celebrate yourself as you feel better and better. This is what it looks like to align with Joy.

Feeling better takes work. Want to feel better? This is the work. The inner critic will keep us VERY far away from peace. Worse, it often has us believe it's impossible. Invite in your highest self instead. Peace is often one inspired action away. 

Wishing you a peaceful week creating a life you love with awareness, accountability and inspired action!

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