Detach with Love

In my life I have experienced A LOT of unnecessary drama, resentment and pain due to the desire to rescue.

Loving detachment has helped me to find much clarity through contrasting experiences. It has made me a sturdier human and a more effective coach, facilitator and leader.

If you are in the stormy waters of codependency, here are some things that have helped me that I am happy to share:

  • Realizing I was not in control was super helpful. Surrender is such an important part of living peacefully
  • Know that you putting yourself first is better for everyone
  • Focus on yourself, your vibration and your self-care
  • Create sturdiness with practices that feel grounding and calming
  • Hire a coach, therapist or another professional to support you on your journey (I know a Joy + Mindfulness coach who'd love to help. Wink Wink;)

Daily ritual is so helpful for feeling more aligned, peaceful and calm during life storms. This is why I created The Daily Joy Journal. As a tool to help me to align with my own energy and practice Joy daily. The daily practice of meditation is also a game-changer. It’s why I’m now a meditation nag! LOL Going within and plugging back into ourselves daily while remembering you and your loved ones are being guided and protected. This is hugely helpful.

If you, or the people you love are suffering and you are experiencing heartache and anxiety, I invite you to try to take some quiet space for yourself and do this simple visualization:

Let everything drift away as you focus on your breath. Ground into the truth of who you are. Simple be here in this moment. You don’t have to change or fix anyone or anything. We are all being guided and supported. You are being guided. Focus on simply being here and now. Connect to your heart and envision love flowing through your entire body until you are overflowing with love. Imagine it extending beyond your body into the room you are in. Send it to loved ones, or perhaps people you don't know who are suffering. Send it to situations or challenges you are experiencing. Send it to yourself. Feel yourself wrapped in love, coming back to breath and trusting that we are all being guided. In this moment, simply let go, love and breathe.

This has been such a helpful practice for me. I wanted to offer it to you too. So much love and wishing you feelings of peace, grace and love.


Xj, Jillian

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