Are you giving yourself space?

My Friend,

Are you giving yourself space? Do you have any room to just BE? 

I've been noticing where I resist space. It's as though stopping and slowing down scares me.

Recently I was able to sit with my fear around space and here’s what it told me…

Fear said: “If you give yourself too much space you might realize where you’re out of alignment. If you realize where you’re out of alignment, things might blow up. You’ll have to make hard decisions, have hard conversations, and change things. These are the reasons you resist space”, fear said. 

Fear assumes things falling apart is a bad thing. Love knows that falling apart allows things to come back together in alignment.

Does this resonate with you at all? Are you going full throttle in your life to avoid the subtle messages that await you in stillness?

Recently I gave myself space and my fears were confirmed. And, in falling apart, it allowed me to release what was no longer in alignment. I had honest (hard) conversations. I made honest (hard) decisions. I gave myself space and got honest with myself and others and guess what happened. I got back in alignment. 

Where I once felt stress, I now feel peace. Where I felt forceful and confused, I feel ease. 

Fear will keep us away from space. Love knows it's the best thing we can do for ourselves. Creating regular space for ourselves allows us to feel better and align with Joy. It also makes it harder to get too far off track. 

 Do you resist or seek space?

May you give yourself and your heart a little bit of space today.

Xj, Jillian

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