Joy + Mindfulness Coaching

Imagine waking up to a life you freaking love!

How would it feel to realign all areas of your life with JOY? 

To feel connected, plugged in and on–track. 

one–on–one Joy COACHING designed to support harmony in all AREAS of your life. 

I would love to support you in deliberately designing a life you are excited about. 

It's time to realign with JOY!


Together we will dig deep to gain awareness around the truth of who you are and what you most desire to experience. This will give you clarity around who you really are and what Joy looks and feels like to you.


What if feeling good was your number one job? It's time to replace stress + overwhelm with ease! Life is here to support you. You don't need to go at it alone. Learn about The Joy Method™, detach with love and engage in the daily practice of Joy. 


Together we will move through the four quadrants of life and give you the time and space to stop, breathe and reconnect with yourself, your life and JOY! 


I will teach and support you in using The Joy Method™ to harness your superspowers and deliberately design your life with JOY. It's time to dream starbeam. Let's do this! 

You've gotten off track and need a reminder. Or maybe you need the space to explore Joy more fully in your life.

The TIME to reclaim your JOY IS NOW. 

Learn tangible tools and practical ways to reconnect to yourself, your life

and your JOY more fully! 

One-on-One SIGNATURE 6 Month Coaching Program



• Personalized Joy & Mindfulness Analysis

•  A personalized program designed to help you to befriend yourself, tap into your inner wisdom, create and meet your goals, and design a life you love!

•  Weekly Calls (In Person, Via Zoom Or Phone)

• Recorded Guided Meditation Bundle – for alignment, getting into flow and connecting to higher self

• A Daily Joy Journal to support you in aligning every day


6 Payments: $997

Pay In Full: $4997


What Others Say


"Jillian's Sessions were so helpful to me. I needed someone to help me to switch my perspective on things, and these sessions show you how! They gave me solid and clear tools to use on a daily basis to help me to bring more joy back into my life. It takes practice, but I definitely feel like I am equipped now."

– Lu


"As someone who is always in my head, this allowed me to delve deep into why I was feeling what I was, when I was. It allowed me to let go, to change perspective on certain aspects in my everyday life. I recommend this to everyone feeling anxious, stressed, or just out of sorts. It just may change you for the better."

– Sandy



“Jillian makes life a celebration, of how far we have come, the lessons and trials we have overcome and what we can achieve by showing up for ourselves and others each day. Through her teachings I have been able to return to myself when life becomes wobbly and live in my joy in the most authentic and true way.”

– Leah 

It's time to wake up to a life you freaking love!


Jillian is a Joy + Mindfulness Coach and Photographer creatively supporting others in waking up to a life they freaking love!

As a sober + intuitive gal, Jillian love's supporting others to reclaim and live their JOY, and her mission is to light up the world like a field full of fireflies. 

According to Jillian, we all have the power to deliberately design our lives. In order to do this with ease and grace, we must befriend ourselves while taking full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions. All while trusting in ourselves, the universe, and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.  She would love to remind you who you really are and guide you into alignment with your Joy!

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