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Let me guide you back to your Joy

The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Program (JSFP) is your opportunity to inspire, encourage and support others in aligning with Joy in all aspects of their lives. This 9-month training will certify you to host paid Joy-inspired sessions to groups and individuals.

3 months of vibe-raising guidance, support, and accountability to rocket launch your life! Tap into the limitless Joy within and embody a tried and true method that will support sustainable success in all aspects of your life!

The Joy Sessions™


The Joy Sessions Live Online 8-Week Program is your invitation to rekindle and strengthen your bond with yourself. Join us LIVE online and experience all the original goodness amplified with years of practice, research, and real-life results!

The perfect option if you want to reconnect with yourself and reclaim Joy on your own schedule. In this self-guided program, you will create personal policies that support you and your JOY going forward. This program is a map back to Joy and your feelings are your compass!

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