You Are Enough

Enough. You are enough. You are exactly where you are meant to be. You have nothing to prove.

You are brave, and capable and strong.

You are smart, and loving, and kind.

You are beautiful, and caring, and brilliant.

You are a light that shines so very brightly.

And sometimes you forget how much you matter.

And that’s okay. Because we all do. And the truth is, you that you matter. Very much. There is nothing you must do. No one you must be. This world needs you exactly as you are. Even if you're not sure who you are. Simply showing up in every moment is enough. Your particular magic exists in every inhale and every exhale.

The answers are in every changing moment.

You are life. And you are incredible.

Feel it move through you.

Swirling in and out of you.

 Flowing throughout you and everything around you.

The secret to everything lies within each moment.

Simply bring your breath to it. And you will have done enough. It's time to let go and breathe. To live. To be. The light is calling.

It's time to remember that you are the light

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