resistance & surrender

The theme this week is surrender. Before we talk about surrender, let’s talk about resistance. What is resistance really? Resistance is simply an expression of fear.

Where in your life are you resisting? What are you resisting?

As I continue to learn, grow and move through resistance, I can see that fear is not here to stop us. It is here to show us where we need to surrender and plug back in to the truth of who we are.

Fear is here to show us where we need to hold a higher vision for ourselves.

The truth is, we all just want to feel good! My question for you is: what if feeling good actually lies beyond the things that feel uncomfortable? Beyond the resistance. What if you could feel better than you ever imagined by letting go of the things, the habits, the resistance that might in fact be keeping you stuck. This is where surrender comes in.

This week if you are experiencing resistance, invite in surrender and watch what happens.

Wishing you a week that is lit up from the inside out!

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