Life transitions can be lonely, and uncomfortable. Do you agree?

I’ve been in the middle of one for a while now. My desire to expand Joy is leading me to many new experiences and places. It is so beautiful and just like all change, it can also be scary.

There are times when I feel alone, and wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Most of the time I feel vulnerable and there are times when I feel judged. During these times, I find it helpful to reconnect with intention of my heart. I put faith into myself and life and continue to leap into the unknown. Like many other times in my life when I was given the option to grow, I know there are times when the path gets dark and things feel murky. And deep down, I know that I am on the right path.

If you are in transit, know that you are not alone. It will get better. On the other side, just beyond all of the discomfort is the shift. Where everything comes back into focus and all of this makes more sense.

You will get there one day. And this cramped in between will be meaningful. As for right now? Breathe. And then breathe some more.

You don’t always have to keep it together. You’re allowed to feel it. Whatever “it” might be. Even if it’s dark in there. The darkness is where we gather up our courage to step into the light.

You are incredible and stronger than you even know.

Can you hear the whisper of your heart? It’s asking you to reconnect with your intention.

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