On Joy

On Joy.

It isn’t always easy.

Sometimes you need to make time for it, schedule it, dig deep for it.

Sometimes you need to hunt for it. Sometimes you can only get a glimpse of it. Sometimes it’s buried. Deeply. Under years of forgetting. But off in the distance you hear something calling your name. It’s Joy.

Joy has been waiting for you to remember. To trace your steps back to where you left yours.

Underneath all of the "shoulds" and the "musts". Joy been waiting for you. Along with the dreams left strewn about.

It’s time to open wide and feel the gurgles of a new life begin to bubble within.

Looking forward to the future with the strength of one who knows the truth within. Who has earned the strength and won the biggest battle. Who dares to dream even wilder with newfound powers.

Of Joy. And Dreams.

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HiI’m Jillian

I would love to support you in reclaiming Joy in your work, life and play so you can wake up to a life you freaking love!