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A 60 Minute Strategy Session - use code MAGIC100 for $100 off


The Joy Sessions 8 Week Joyful Living Program

Jillian Schecher Joy + Mindfulness Coach

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Book a powerful 60-minute soulful strategy session to gain clarity and reclaim your magic! Use code MAGIC100 for $100 off your session. 

Words of Appreciation

"Jillian helped me to realize the value I have in myself. She guided me through various exercises to see the light in myself. I started to see “me” and see my worth not only in business but I’m myself. I uncovered some shadows that were no longer serving me and I said YAS to all of them!! Jillian is a kind, straight shooter kind of gal and I couldn’t have been happier with my journey with her!"

“Jillian was amazing to work with! She was so organized and grounded in her approach. She is always so positive and joyful and that made me feel safe to be seen for who I truly am. She was patient with me and really coached me into becoming more visible. She is so intuitively tapped in, that her branding and ideas are truly solid gold. I would highly recommend Jillian to anyone. She is worth every single penny.”

Elyse Cathrea, Life + Wellness Coach