F*cking focus

Do you ever feel like you have a hard time focusing? Like there’s so much to do and so little time? Like you’re doing 10% of many things instead of giving 100% to one thing and following it through?

During my coach training last year we were talking about what we needed in order to achieve our goals. My answer: F*cking Focus! Ha! The group challenged me to put post-its everywhere reminding me to—you guessed it—focus! And then an incredible thing happened. I f*cking focused! I set my phone timer for one hour. For just one hour I was not allowed to look at my phone, respond to emails, or do anything other than the task at hand...and guess what? It f*cking worked!

I know this is such a simple idea and many of you probably do this already, but if you're like me and you like shiny things, you might find it really helpful.

What do you need in order to achieve your goals?

If you're anything like me it's some serious F*cking Focus. Turn everything off, set a timer, and off you go. Remember that life is the cumulation of a whole bunch of actions. Every little step forward matters. It's easy to blame external circumstances for the undesirable places we find ourselves. In truth, we are the only ones standing in the way of our dreams. It's time to get out of our own way...


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