Do you give yourself space?

Are you giving yourself the space to align with joy? 

I've been noticing where I resist space. It's as though stopping and slowing down scares me. I've realised it's because if I give myself space, I might see where I'm out of alignment. If I see where I'm out of alignment, things might blow up. I'll have to make hard decisions, have hard conversations, and change things.  

This is why I resist space. When I look at the emotional guidance scale, I can see that these are fear based reasons. They assume it’s bad for things to fall apart. 

The truth is, things falling apart often allows them to come back together in alignment. 

Recently, I gave myself space and my fears were confirmed. Things fell apart. And in falling apart it allowed me to release what's no longer in alignment. I had honest conversations and I made honest decisions. I gave myself space and I got honest with myself and others. It was uncomfortable but I feel so much better! It made room for so much more abundance in my life and my business. 

If you’re feeling out of sorts with your life, business, work or relationships, give yourself some room to notice what’s really going on. Create space to feel into what is not aligned so you can get back into harmony with what is. 

Fear will keep us away from too much time for ourselves. Love knows it's the best thing we can do for ourselves. 

Where I once felt stress, I feel joy, where I felt forceful, I feel ease, where I felt overwhelmed. I feel peace. 

Are you currently resisting or seeking space? May you give yourself some time to align today.

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