Courageous Curiosity

Where are you feeing poked, prodded or uncomfortable AF?

I believe these are clues as to what corners we need to shine some light on to. These are not just sh*tty things happening to us. These are OFG‘s baby! (Opportunities for growth;)

If we believe we should feel perfect and hunky-dory all of the time, well then we’re in for a painful ride. The belief that everything should feel good let me down a dark hole of feeling rotten. Enter addiction, shame, guilt, and in over all shit storm that lasted several years.

What I know to be true now is that on the other side of darkness is the light. The light I was chasing let me into the darkness. Now I see the darkness, the contrast if you will, as an opportunity to heal, grow, shift, and expand, and honestly it’s a completely different experience.

The ability to lean into the fear is what will allow us to come out on the other side.

What is the yucky feeling, whatever it may be, here to show you and teach you? What are you avoiding or denying? It could be something as simple as denying ourselves whatever it is we truly desire. These things don’t have to be gigantic life-changing ah-ha’s! Sometimes they are a simple knowing within yourself.

Perhaps these triggers are here to show us where we can take baby steps towards more. More compassion. More peace. More alignment. More joy!

Because Joy doesn’t always live in the LOL‘s, and bright shiny days. Often Joy lives beyond the things that we have the opportunity to move through. Often joy requires courageous curiosity. The next time you have a yucky feeling, can you ask it what are you here to show me? Then, listen for the answer.

Here’s to being courageously curious.

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