Ignite Your Light

Private Coaching Program

Own Your Brilliance, Confidently Share Your Gifts and 

Build Your Abundant Business With Joy!

Are you an emerging or up-levelling business owner ready to shine your light and experience aligned abundance in a way that feels fun instead of overwhelming? 

The Ignite Your Light Coaching Program is for you if: 

  • You know there's more for you, you're just not sure what steps to take
  • You're overwhelmed by what to do and often feel paralyzed
  • You find it hard to share what you do and want an easier and more sustainable way
  • You get stuck watching others, comparing, and doubting yourself
  • You feel all over the place in your biz efforts and are burning out 
  • Trying to do it on your own is not working  + you are ready for support 

I hear you. Growing a business is not for the faint of heart. Yes, you have passion and you want to have a positive impact. But you can see how not having a clear path is exhausting and frustrating… not to mention it is stealing your JOY! 

That is why I created the Ignite Your Light  3-Month Coaching Package.  

Confidently show up and share in a way that feels exciting AND has ideal clients lining up for your brilliance. 

What we do together

The IGNITE YOUR LIGHT 3-month program will help you fortify your heart-based business with a solid foundation built with you and your energy in mind.

I will support you to own your brilliance, align with abundance, and infuse energy into your life and your business. It’s time to blast self-doubt, get paid well, and own your zone of Joy!

I will also help you to:

  • Deeply know and articulate your values and your why
  • Confidently create, package + price your offers
  • Get clarity on your soulfully aligned clients 
  • Create a marketing + sales plan that feels good
  • Attract amazing clients who value you and are ready to invest 
  • Say “NO” with ease and grace
  • Build Joy into your business and your LIFE!

Together we will uncover how you can be of best service in the world by honouring your energy so you can share your unique gifts (your KAPOW!) with JOY. This will align you with your natural state of abundance, help you accomplish your goals with ease and rocket launch into your next-level life!

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

What you get

  • 3-Months of 60-Minute Private Coaching Sessions (Via Zoom Or Phone)
  • The Joy Method™ Applied to Your Business and Life in Real Time
  • Weekly Brand, Business and Life-Building Support
  • Powerful Visualization, Meditation and Manifestation Practices




(Monthly Payment Options Available)

Photography & Branding Optional Add-ons

For clients ready to manifest major abundance, you have the option to add on a Photo Session and/or Brand Design at a reduced rate to support you in showing up and sharing your magic with the world. Together we will create captivating visuals to share your brilliance and call in your ideal clients.

We will plan a shoot that sprinkles manifestation dust all over your fresh new offerings and you will receive up to 60 High Resolution Images for your profile, social media, website imagery, cover photos, print & web marketing, Facebook ads and promo campaigns. During the shoot I will support your courageous confidence while we create powerful imagery for you to grow your reach, build community and get results beyond your wildest dreams.

For those ready to step fully into your business with sturdiness and alignment, Brand Design includes Clarity Coaching and the design process itself. By the end you’ll have your complete brand identity with your logo, colours and fonts in all variations and brand style guide with everything you need to apply your new branding with ease moving forward. 

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Client  love

feature spotlight: elise b

Working with Jillian is fun, exciting, fulfilling and inspiring! It’s a must for anyone who feels stuck in their life or business and is ready to reach the next best version of themselves!

Before working with Jillian, I felt frustrated, lost and alone. I had a lot of ideas and was somewhat all over the place with no idea of exactly which direction to take. At times I felt very defeated because all my ideas were trapped in my brain. I felt like no one could understand me and what I was trying to bring to the world. Jillian was able to pull those ideas out and make them digestible for others to comprehend!

She allowed me to be in the flow of my strengths and made me feel safe and honoured. She knows how to ask the right questions to turn ideas into amazing content. I also loved how she addressed other areas of life to support me in being able to show up fully in my business.

As a result of working with Jillian, my entire business shifted! I have more clarity on what brings me joy in my business and where I need support, and now I have the courage to ask for it. My clients have a clear understanding of what I do, what services I offer and how working with me will support them. Jillian also captured the most magnificent photos of me. She truly captured my essence which was so necessary to complete everything I wanted my clients to experience when they landed on my website. There are no words to describe how honoured I felt during my shoot with Jillian. She really sees her clients and does not put out the generic branding shoot, the one size fits all! She takes the time to know her client and creates a photo experience like no other. I highly recommend working with Jillian. 

Elise Brathwaite, Soul Speaker & Sage -  Ignite Your Light Platinum Package

" Jillian took me from confused to crystal clear! As an entrepreneur, sometimes the chaos of life jumbles around you. You have no "boss" to tell you what to do, or help you figure out a clear path. Jillian literally showed me an outside perspective of my life. She see's the WHOLE PICTURE. I HIGHLY recommend working with Jillian. She is amazing." 

" Jillian is an amazing coach. She helped me reach certain professional goals I was unable to achieve until now. I felt stuck and did not know how to move forward. To be very precise, she takes all the words and ideas in your head and turns it into actionable goals that you are able to achieve. The entire process is impressive as you see what you thought was not possible actually happening. Life changing!" 

" Jillian was amazing to work with - worth every single penny! I recommend her to all my friends and I will continue to work with Jillian into the future, because her eye for photography, branding, and business acumen are unmatched in her field." 

"Jillian helped me to realize the value I have in myself. We raised my pricing and the very next day I booked 3 ideal clients. I uncovered some shadows that were no longer serving me and I said YAS to myself! Jillian is a kind, straight shooter kind of gal and I couldn’t have been happier with my journey with her!" 

Joy Coaching with Shantelle Louise Photography

You can't build a JOYFUL business and please everyone at the same time.

Energy is everything. Your light, your JOY is your most important resource.

Words of Wisdom

Beautiful friend,

Did you know that your light – your Joy – is your most important resource?

If you’re spinning in lack of clarity,  your energy is being depleted. And we need to talk.

Maybe you're experiencing self-doubt, undercharging, or saying yes to things that are really “NO’s”. Or maybe you're just ready to take things to the next-level. 

Either way, I'll teach you how to build your brand with Joy and watch the abundance flow in with ease and FUN!  

Whether you are at the beginning of your business journey or you’re ready to take things to the next level, once you align with who you are at the deepest level, you will be truly unstoppable. 

During our work together, we will uncover how you can be of best service in the world as you stand in your uniqueness, honour your energy and ignite your light!


I will help you package your unique offerings and share genuinely in a way your clients will understand and want. You will feel excited to make offers as you get clear on your uniqueness and what sets you apart. 

You are not meant to fit in a box and you don’t have to pick one “thing”. You simply need to package and communicate the magic of all your gifts and services in a way that resonates. This is what I do best!  

Take it from an ex-hairstylist, psychology assistant, brand designer, photographer turned Joy and Mindfulness Coach. There is a way to wrap up who you are and everything you love in a magical container and articulate it for your soul-level clients to pay well for.

It’s time to IGNITE YOUR LIGHT, turn on your sign and rocket launch into your Joyful and abundant life! The world is waiting...

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Ready to own your brilliance, share your gifts (and get paid well) and confidently build your brand with Joy?

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