Hello Friend!

How are you feeling today?

If you’re open to it, I’d like to invite you to come back to yourself today and take a couple of minutes just for you.

A couple of minutes simply to breathe. Inhaling to the count of 4. Exhaling to the count of 4. Or longer if your lungs can handle it. Matching your inhales to your exhales and coming back to yourself through the breath. Just being right here, right now. Can you do this for 10 breaths? If you can, give yourself this gift. Notice how it feels simply to be with the breath, with yourself, with life. Here you are. Right in the middle of everything you've done, and everything you're thinking about doing. Here you are simply being. Beautiful isn't it? And so simple to do.

This week, commit to coming back to yourself for 10 breaths a day. See how it feels. Let us know how it's going for you in the group. There are tons of incredible people just like you in there.

To Our Joy!

Xj, Jillian

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