The Joy Nest

with Jillian Schecher

Welcome to The Joy Nest (TJN)

Your  soft  place  to  land

Joy requires time, patience, discipline and practice. 

It requires you to put yourself first. 

If you want the space to honour yourself, plug back in and realign with Joy regularly, this is the place for you. This is where we practice The Joy Method. It's the place where you reconnect, maintain your sense of sturdiness and raise your vibration!

This is your opportunity to practice befriending yourself and prioritize yourself and your Joy. 

Join me and others just like you who are building positive momentum in their lives.

At the end of the day you are not meant to do this alone. We are all in this together!


Welcome to THE JOY NEST.  Your soft place to land.


What   You  Get

  • Monthly Themed Content
  • Monthly Online Group Coaching – Wednesday at 12:00 pm MST)
  • The space to practice applying The Joy Method
  • The reminder to connect with Joy!
  • Guided Meditations that support the theme 
  • Monthly Mantras to promote alignment
  • Access to a Facebook community filled with other like-minded Joy Nesters. 
  • Regular & affordable group support
  • Accountability to yourself + Joy
  • All Access Pass-the moment you join, you get on demand access to an entire Joy library of content.

Joy Based Benefits

  • Designated time & space to connect
  • The opportunity to plug in with self, others and JOY
  • Connection + Encouragement + Support – wherever you are!
  • Align with Joy + amplify it in your life
  • Continued positive momentum

This  Is    Your  Joy!

Joy is a daily practice and requires continuous awareness. No matter where you’re at in life, what your struggles are or what you are experiencing, please know that you are enough, whole and complete. Exactly as you are. Remember YOU are Joy!

All that is required is the time and space to soften.  In the softening lies the opportunity to build an unshakeable inner sturdiness. A deep + sacred connection to the deepest places within. This requires practice, space, self-love and compassion. 

Join us from wherever you are. Your home, your office, your couch, heck, you can even join us from your bed. 

Support + connection + community

This is an invitation to remember. To reconnect. To align with the truth of who you are.


The Joy Nest is your soft place to land.

Your place to be exactly as you are. It is your place to remember. 


It is your place to practice being the deliberate creator of your life. A life you love and are excited to wake up to. 

A  Commitment  To  Joy

Awareness, commitment and discipline are key to living in alignment. If you are tired of putting off the things that are good for you and want to plug in on a regular basis, The Joy Nest is for you!

How would it feel to honour yourself? To take one hour for you every week. To come together with others and show up honestly and genuinely? To be seen and heard and connect. To gain perspective and enhance your light. 

If you are tired of settling, of sacrificing, of putting everything ahead of your own happiness and fulfillment then now is the perfect time to pause and look within. 

Create positive momentum in your life.

It's time to commit to yourself. It's time to commit to Joy!



Quick, Convenient & Cancel Anytime


– Weekly online group coaching – on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm MST

– The reminder to connect with Joy

– Meditation & Accountability 

– Access to a Private Joy Nest Facebook Community 


Pay in full and receive one month FREE!


– One FREE month 

–Everything from the monthly membership AND BONUSES:

– Recorded Guided Meditation Bundle 

– Inspirational JOY Printable 

The  Joy  Nest  is  for  you  if...

  • You want to create more positive momentum in your life.
  • You want to continue making yourself and your own fulfillment a priority. 
  • You are ready to trust in life/the universe more fully.
  • You are willing to keep putting in the work to feel better.
  • You are ready to let go of what others think, honour your truth and stay in alignment with JOY.
  • You realize the importance of community and want to practice Joy regularly with other open-hearted people.


Jillian Schecher is a Joy Coach, Photographer and Meditation Teacher who believes that JOY is our natural state and we all have something special to offer. Simply by being who we are as fully as possible. 

Often this involves self-compassion, love, the willingness to befriend our feelings, and the vulnerability to connect with ourselves, others, and life on a deeper level.

It also requires the space to unfold all of it. ​​Jillian love's creating this space for others...

* Please note, The Joy Nest (TJN) is not therapy. This is subscription program that will automatically renew monthly. Your membership is non-refundable as you can cancel at any time.