Client Love & Testimonials

I pride myself on the relationships that I build with my clients, and to be honest it's the most important part of my work. I view my client relationships as friendships and I genuinely care about each and every client, their hopes, their values, their families and their lives. I am honoured to do the work I love, alongside incredible people brave enough to show up and show the world what they've got. My clients trust me to hold space for them, create with them and visually articulate their dreams and their most special and moments. It's work I cherish. With people I love. What a gift.

"Jillian took my vision for Free Woman Movement and breathed life into it!

She has the ability to see people, to truly see people where they are, what is going on for them, where they may be feeling a sense of discouragement And help them to illuminate that in a way that is encouraging and inspiring. Making people feel like they are amazing, or rather realize they are amazing! 

I continue to go to Jillian when I am in need of inspiration I know I can go to her to illuminate things I am not aware of, and assist me in finding clarity. I always feel incredibly inspired and lit up after talking to her. She honours and hears my feelings, and also shows me where I am doing amazing and where to see beauty. But never feeling like you bypass any of the hard stuff. She is not afraid to be open and honest, and dive into the real raw conversation."

Katie Jolicoeur, Founder Free Woman Movement

"I worked with Jillian for my branding, logo, and website. She was amazing to work with! She was so organized and grounded in her approach. What I liked most is the time she took to get to know me and my brand so that she could accurately represent it all the photography, designing the logo, and creating my website.

She was so patient with my underlying fear of technology, and really coached me into becoming more visible. She is so intuitively tapped in, that her branding and ideas are truly solid gold.

I recommend Jillian to all my friends, and I will continue to work with Jillian into the future, because her eye for photography, branding, and business acumen are unmatched in her field. She is worth every single penny.

Certified Medium, Astrologist, Tarot Reader & Soul Coach, Sheetal Story

"I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work with Jillian on rebranding my brow/beauty business! She is incredibly talented, creative, supportive, connected & inspiring! Jillian by far exceeded my expectations! If you’re contemplating thoughts on expanding your business, gaining clarity, confidence & working from a heart space, Jillian is your girl to make it reality!" 

Alyssa Musiyowski, Owner, Define Brows By Alyssa

I am a photographer who, although has skills and creativity to offer through my craft, had a serious lack of creative direction and knowledge when it came to branding and marketing for my business. I recognized my business needed professional help for branding, marketing, website design, and consistency if I wanted it to grow in my desired direction and be financially viable. I was ready to make this investment as I couldn’t do it on my own; I didn’t even know where to start!

I did my research. I found many companies in the Greater Edmonton area that could take on the task of overhauling my business; however, they seriously lacked the personal touch I was looking for. My business is my baby, and these companies made me feel like, “just another client.” Jillian was then recommended to me by a friend who felt her business, approach, and appreciation of small business and fellow local creatives would make a good match for me.

My friend was right. Jillian took the time to get to know me and my business. She helped me with some soul searching so I could establish and artistic direction for my business. I kind of think of what she did as reading my mind when I didn’t even know what I wanted... somehow she understood!

Jillian provided me with an awesome logo and brand that has completely boosted my business while conveying the messaging required to attract the right clients for me. My branding and marketing is now consistent. I really appreciated how thorough, understanding, and professional Jillian was. It was very easy to open up to her and be honest about my visual likes and dislikes throughout the whole process.

Yes, I have the branding I always dreamed of now; however, what was the most important part of this process was answer the tough questions about you, your business, and where you want to go. It required some serious reflecting and I would never have done that without Jillian’s guidance. This process has helped me immensely personally and professionally. I would recommend Jillian for creative direction, branding, marketing, and yes, photography for anyone looking to improve their business; especially other creatives! Thank you Jillian!

Chelsea Jones, CPA, Vitality Images Photography