Dream, Lead and Inspire others in Aligning With Joy 

The Doors Are Closed


What Is The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Program?

The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Program (JSFP) is your opportunity to dream, lead and inspire others in aligning with Joy in all aspects of their lives.

Whether you're a coach, teacher, up-levelling business owner or corporate employee, this 9-month training will certify you to host paid Joy-inspired workshops to groups and individuals. 

You will learn The Joy Sessions™ curriculum and raise the vibration in your life, AND also receive next level support, done-for-you templates, scripts and marketing materials–including professional photos!

Over the course of 9 months, you'll not only receive specialized training with ALL of the resources, you'll also build your own Signature Joy Session™ that includes all of your magic and will be marketed through our network. 

As well, you'll receive next-level coaching guidance from myself and my own personal Joy Team of high-vibe experts in the wellness, and coaching industries so you feel completely supported as you transform your life from the inside out.

Build your business with Joy as you learn how to facilitate Joy Sessions™ in your own style with your intuition and unique gifts. 

Join me for 9 months of vibe-raising + confidence-boosting education that will support you in the next level of your life!




Who Is It For?


  • You are a coach, mentor, teacher or up-levelling business owner and you want to expand Joy in the world (and be a part of a larger network)
  • You are a corporate employee or manager and want to bring mindfulness and Joy to your workplace (and create new opportunities to build your dreams on the side)
  • You are feeling called to step into your soul purpose, serve from a deeper place and infuse your life with Joy while actively leading it (and get all tools, support and resources to model a new way)

You know you’re meant to make a positive impact…

The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Program will help you do it.

Sound like a dream opportunity? It is!


By the end of this program you will:

  • Be a Certified Joy Sessions™ Facilitator 
  • Have the training, tools and resources to deliver 9 unique transformational wellness workshops to individuals, groups and teams
  • Be ready to promote yourself with professional facilitator photos and done-for-you templates for social media, workshops and retreats
  • Be a part of a community of facilitators lighting up the world together
  • Be deliberately designing your life and leading Joy in the world!

Dream your new life into being and claim your role as a Joy Leader!

Dream + Lead + Inspire 

Host paid Joy-inspired workshops to individuals, groups and communities. Workshops can range anywhere from single 60-minute experiences to full-day events depending on what works for you and your clients.

As a Joy Sessions™ Facilitator, I've hosted ongoing sessions with groups and communities with great success. I have had the honour to work with companies such as lululemon,
 Poppy Barley, TD Canada Trust, The Ace Collective SAJE Wellness and more.

You will have all of the training, tools and done-for-you templates to expand your life and build your dreams. 

The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless...

As a Certified Joy Session™ Facilitator you will have the resources to empower individuals, groups and teams to take responsibility for Joy and become the deliberate designers of their lives. You will embody The Joy Method™ and learn to facilitate 9 Joy Session™ Workshops including The Practice of Joy, The Joy Workshop, Joy Based Values, The Joy Code, Set Up for Success, and many others.

How Does It Work? 

Over a 9 month period you will receive all of the training and guidance you need to embody and confidently facilitate paid Joy-inspired workshops and events while blending the curriculum with your own vision, mission and magic.

As well, over the course of the program you will receive 9 Modules of Joy Sessions™ curriculum including meditation scripts, done-for-you templates and professional photos for you to integrate in a way that works best for your style.

Ready to Dream, Lead and Inspire JOY?


My Friend! 

I'm Jillian,  Joy & Mindfulness Coach and author of The Daily Joy Journal. 

I began The Joy Sessions™ in my living room by combining my education, wisdom from many teachers and coaches and TONS of life experience to create this one-of-a-kind facilitation program rooted in JOY!

I have created a thriving business and aligned life through the facilitation of The Joy Sessions™ and the application of The Joy Method™. I have had the pleasure of supporting countless people in deliberately designing their lives and businesses with JOY and I am so excited to guide you to facilitate Joy in your life, business and community.

From the moment I began facilitating Joy, I had an expanded vision of lighting up the world like a field full of fireflies. This is the mission of the program and the call for those joining. 

I look forward to building a network of next-level Joy Leaders to light up the world together.

To Our JOY!

Xj, Jillian Schecher

Lead Joy Sessions™ Facilitator,Creator of The Joy Method™