Intuitive + energetic guidance to meet you where you’re at and remind you of your magic.

Say YES to this powerful 60-minute session and harness the magic of wherever you are. Maybe you’re feeling stuck and need a Joy boost. Or, perhaps you feel lost and need a roadmap. No matter where you are, let’s get you aligning with Joy in your life AND your business!


No matter where you’re at, there are limitless possibilities.


Let’s connect to yourself and the universal support around you. I would love to support you in deepening into who you really are to create a true shift in your life.

I'll support you in....

  • Harnessing Your Magic
  • Recognizing the limitless possibilities ahead
  • Honouring + expanding your energy
  • Enhancing your sparkle
  • Aligning with JOY

I’ll meet you where you’re at and remind you of your magic!

Sessions Often Include:

  • Card Reading
  • Energy Clearing
  • Divinely Guided Meditation
  • Intuitive Messages
  • Joy Coaching
  • Soulful strategy

…and whatever other tools I’m guided to introduce.

Book today and make room to harness the magic available to you NOW!

Client Love

“Jillian helped me move forward with joy and love more than anyone else in my entire life! She is a powerful fountain of light and I'm deeply grateful for her wisdom.”

– tessie h. 

“Jillian took me from confused to crystal clear! As an entrepreneur, sometimes the chaos of life jumbles around you. Jillian literally showed me an outside perspective of my life. She sees the WHOLE PICTURE. I HIGHLY recommend working with her!”

– nicole d. 

“I can't say enough about how valuable it is to have help from a professional and Jillian is f**king IT. Such a real person with sooooo much knowledge and soul.”

– sarah g.

After sessions, clients often feel lighter, hopeful, and excited to create positive momentum in their lives!

And when you feel better, you get to...

  • Experience more abundance in all aspects of your life
  • Increase your confidence to fully show up and share your gifts
  • Allow the money, the work you love and aligned clients/customers to flow in
  • Feel energized to create the programs/offer your next-level services with ease
  • Actually have the capacity to show up for your partner and/or kids
  • Vibrate higher and attract Joyful relationships and experiences

And so much more!

So what do you say–are you ready to MEET YOUR MAGIC? 


$197 per session

Use code: MAGIC100 to receive $100 off. 

*Sessions can be booked up to 3 months in advance. Capitalize on the special this month!