The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator

Program Application

Welcome! The purpose of you filling out this application is so you can be considered for The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Program (JSFP). Please fill out this application ONLY if you are serious about integrating the program into your life and offerings and are willing to invest financially at this time.

As well, you need to know that you want to work with me. We will be working closely together for 9 months and I am manifesting a tight-knit group of Joy leaders and GO-Getters!! If you're new to me or unsure if I'm the coach for you, join my Joy Club Community and experience the content that I send weekly. I'm known for being genuine, warm and sweary (LOL)...

I am all about Joy and I also lovingly encourage my clients and students to move through resistance. Because there will be resistance, and you will need to move through it. I will lovingly call on you to courageously stand in your power, shine your light and show up fully!

What You Get

  • Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Training
  • The Joy Method™ Education + Integration
  • Joy Sessions™ Workshop Curriculum 
  • Weekly Scheduled Group Trainings
  • Private Coaching Support
  • Meditation Training
  • Leadership Empowerment
  • Soulful Business Alignment
  • Brand + Marketing Guidance and MORE!
AND Joy Sessions™ Workshop Facilitator Support Including:
  • Meditation Scripts
  • Branded Workbooks + Slide Decks
  • Social Media Promo Templates
  • Zoom Set Up + Support


Joyful + Abundant Facilitator BONUSES 

  • Listing in The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Online Directory
  • The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Feature Spotlight

Program Details

Begins April 5th, 2022

Tuesday's 6:30pm - 9:30pm MST

Certification Requirements

• Must be able to attend a minimum of 80% of the classes

• One Hot Seat (Minimum)

• Practicum Presentation

Please note: there is an annual licensing fee of $500 CAD. This fee includes a yearly training, Joy Facilitator rates on future programs + services and continued listing in the Joy Facilitator Online Directory. 

–There are only 11 seats–


Application Instructions

Please read through the questions and then fill out this application THOROUGHLY and honestly. This form does not save results so you will need to complete it once you start. Based on your response, you will receive an email within 48 hours with your next steps. I intentionally protect the energy of the group and ensure a safe, positive and empowering environment. Only qualified candidates will be accepted with a maximum of 10 participants to ensure we are aligned and each student gets the most out of the program!

Program Packages + Pricing

 Joy Sessions Facilitator



$9,996 CAD*


Option 1:

12 monthly payments of $833 CAD*

with a $1000 non-refundable deposit

Option 2: 

18 monthly payments of $555 CAD*

with a $1000 non-refundable deposit

*Introductory Pricing Valid Only for 2022 


  • 9 Months of High Level Teaching + Coaching ($9000)
  • Joy Session™ Workshop Curriculum + Materials ($5500)
  • 3 Private Coaching Sessions ($999)
  • Special Guest Speakers ($1500)
  • Supportive Private Facebook Group (Priceless!)


• 3 Daily Joy Journals ($100)

• Integrity Seminars Level 1 Training ($597)

• 6 Month Access to Joy Magic + Trainings ($882)

TOTAL VALUE: $18, 578