Stop The Stress Spin:
Release the FRAZZLE and Step into JOY

Move beyond the stress of always DO-ing and step into the magic of BE-ing. In this workshop, experience how much better it will feel!

Workshop Details

Tuesday, July 20th 

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm MST

Price: FREE

In this workshop, you will pause and discover:

– 1 – 

What Causes Your Stress Spins

And how to move through them like a badass

2 – 

How to Shift out of overwhelm 

And get into alignment with JOY

3 – 

How to harness your superpowers   

and manifest the shit out of your life!

Wave bye-bye to stress as you harness your superpowers and align with Joy.

What if feeling good was a priority?

If you are a frazzeled biz owner or heart-led leader, this workshop is for you! Join me for 60-minutes and together we will pause and make room for JOY.


You'll learn how to move beyond the stress of DO-ing and into the magic of BE-ing.

Allow me to show you how slowing down is the most productive thing you can do.

This workshop is for you if you:

• Feel like you're at the mercy of your to-do's

• Struggle with perfectionism

• Have a LOUD inner critic
• Have a history of people-pleasing
• Can get stuck trying to prove your worth

• Are ready to put yourself and your JOY first

A Note from Jillian 

My Friend,

I have spent most of my life using Joy as my strategy. I say “most of my life” because there have been times when I was lost...

I look back now and can see the places where I left Joy on the side of the road. Where I forgot it while trying to numb other things like pain, grief and anxiety. Where I put myself last, left myself to rescue others, or stayed in discomfort to make others comfortable.

I continue to see where I have the tendency to leave Joy behind when I get caught up in the cycle of over-working and DO-ing and forget about the BE-ing. 

It's during these times that I lean even more deeply into self-compassion and come back to myself with grace. This is what I teach my clients to do too. 

This is what I want to share with you so you can feel better, align with Joy and manifest the sh*t out of your life.

Allow me to support you in moving through stress and stepping into the magic of Joy!

Are you ready for this?

XJ, Jillian 

Join today!

Tuesday, July 20th – 7:00pm MST