Jillian Schecher Joy and Mindfulness Coach Edmonton Alberta Canada

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The world seems a little scary right now.

What if I told you there was a fun and connective way for you to feel better while consciously sharing your purpose, leading with love and inspiring those around you?

There is–it’s called social media! 

The challenge is that it also plays on all our human weaknesses and while it has the potential for so much good, it can also feel gross. I don’t blame you for not wanting to show up more fully, but now more than ever, the world needs your light. 

If you feel depleted and worn down and the last thing you have energy for is social media, I see you! I've been there and I'm excited to walk you through how I shifted everything  in order to feel better and show up more fully. It's time to align at the soul level and connect more deeply to your intention. 

I look forward to sharing soulful ways to mindfully use social media as a tool for inspiration, connection, and JOY!

Calling all loving leaders, soulpreneurs, healers, helpers and light-workers.

Join me for 6 weeks and learn how to light up the world from the inside out. I’m giving you everything I’ve got with over 10+ years of branding, marketing, photo and design experience –– combined with a life mission to light up the world together.

All hands on deck! Let’s do this! 

This program is for you if you're ready to...

  • Step into courageous confidence and use your voice to connect with your community.
  • Get into creative flow, learn new techniques and apply them with accountability and JOY.
  • Schedule and plan your posts in a way that feels joyful instead of icky.
  • Feel better about using social media to share your important messages of hope, love and peace.
  • And much, much more...the truth is, I feel like you will know if this is for you;)

Soulful Social Media is about showing up with intention to make the impact you're here to make without worrying what others will think.

It’s about being so grounded in who you are and your purpose at a soul level that you are able to actually enjoy articulating your messages of love and hope.

Join me to learn how to lean into your soul purpose, share from the heart and have fun as we light up the world together!

It's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible.

Words of Appreciation

"Jillian helped me to realize the value I have in myself. She guided me through various exercises to see the light in myself. I started to see “me” and see my worth not only in business but I’m myself. I uncovered some shadows that were no longer serving me and I said YAS to all of them!! Jillian is a kind, straight shooter kind of gal and I couldn’t have been happier with my journey with her!"

“Jillian was amazing to work with! She was so organized and grounded in her approach. She is always so positive and joyful and that made me feel safe to be seen for who I truly am. She was patient with me and really coached me into becoming more visible. She is so intuitively tapped in, that her branding and ideas are truly solid gold. I would highly recommend Jillian to anyone. She is worth every single penny.”

Elyse Cathrea, Life + Wellness Coach


A Note from Jillian

As a Joy + Mindfulness coach here to light up the world with people just like you, I no longer believe in “shoulding” myself.

I hold myself tenderly in whatever moment I am in. Wherever I am at.

I allow myself to step away and take pauses. Sometimes long ones!

I listen to and honour myself while committing to showing up genuinely with less fucks and more heart.

This course is not about pushing, forcing or hustling. This course is for those who feel the call to share from a deeper place of inner wisdom and knowing. With the desire to expand light in the world while feeling as good and grounded as possible.

I know I am here to light up the world with Joy. If you are reading this, I believe you are too.

Join me and let’s do it together with a like-minded community of badass JOY WARRIORS!!

The doors to Soulful Social Media are currently closed.

Get on the list to be notified when enrollment begins.