What Is KAPOW?

Are you ready to rise up into your joyful and abundant business with clarity, courage, & confidence? How would it feel to have the time, space and support to unfold your limitless potential? To have the things your heart desires most. To feel aligned, abundant, AND of service in the world.

Welcome to The KAPOW Sessions.

Your KAPOW is that special gift that only you have. It’s your magic. The thing that you may likely take for granted. It is your strength and the thing that sets you apart from the rest. It’s all of the realizations that you are ready to have. It’s your inner wisdom. That inner voice that knows the superhero amounts of potential you have. It’s a bunch of superpowers rolled into one person. Psssst! I’m talking about YOU! It’s the confidence and courage that is buried within you waiting for you to dial it in. It’s what I would love to guide you toward remembering, owning and sharing!

Through strategic heart based exercises and the right questions, it is my intention to guide you back to yourself, to your own inner wisdom and the truth of who you are.

During any and all sessions, we will chat about who you are, what it is you truly want and how you can light up your life by clearing the way and allowing life to guide.  How you can be of best service in the world by sharing more of who you really are. I will guide you back into what you want your life to look and feel like, helping you to see the limitless possibilities for yourself while holding you accountable. 

I will support you in gaining clarity, aligning with your brilliance, owning your worth, and building a heart based business from the sturdiness of a clear and deeply rooted foundation.

We will dive deep together, one on one. And, if you’re up for it, I will also help you to share more of your special magic with the world. Because there is infinite value in all you have to offer. I want to support you in sharing it! 

Are you feeling excited about this? Get ready to connect in a deeper way on all levels!



Want to feel seen, heard, supported and aligned? KAPOW Coaching involves defining heart-based goals, gaining clarity, building confidence and JOY into your business. 

I am here to help you remember how powerful you really are. That there are no barriers to your dreams and that anything you truly desire is possible. I will support you in owning your courageous confidence so that you can live in alignment, make a positive impact, and share more of your brilliance with the world!

*The following coaching packages are available:

Includes in person or online coaching sessions.

Hourly Sessions $250

1 Month
$1000 Full Pay
$600 2 Payments

3 Months
$3000 Full Payment
$1200 3 Payments

6 Months
$5000 Full Pay
$1000 6 Payments

A full day of Clarity + Alignment + GSD (Getting Shit Done!)
I'll help you with everything we can squeeze in. branding, copy, marketing...you name it!

Book a connection call to discuss how I can support you to own and share your KAPOW!

Option #2:  KAPOW Photo Session

Together we'll create captivating and genuine visuals for your marketing, website and across your social media platforms and start getting the abundant results you desire.  It involves two meetings. During the first, we will dive in deep and get clear on everything that makes you amazing! Allow me to dig deep with you to tap into your unique superpowers and capture the brilliance in your business. Together we will come up with a strategy for part two which is a photo shoot that will give you everything you need to blast off into your limitless potential!


2 Hour Clarity Coaching, Creative Strategy + Manifestion Meeting
2 Hour Photo Session 


SUMMER SPECIAL : $997 for sessions paid in full by August 31. Sessions can be booked within 90 days of purchase.



4 Hours of Coaching & Deep Dive Biz Strategy
2 hour Photo Session
Hair & Makeup
Gourmet Lunch

It’s time to celebrate yourself! Our SELF FULL & supportive day together will start out with a personalized guided morning meditation, one-on-one Kapow Session, crystal card reading and delicious coffee (obvs!) Next we’ll head over to get your glam on and ensure you feel your most beautiful. Then we’ll make way to the most resonant location to capture you at your most radiant & confident. Together creating images that show the true essence of who you are, serving as a visual reminder of your brilliance. We'll wrap up our creative & delightful day together with a celebratory meal at one of Edmonton's newest upscale eatery's. All the while raising your vibration in order to manifest even more possibility, abundance, alignment and more joy into your life. Sound like fun? 

When would you like to book your VIP experience?

Regardless of the type of session that calls to you, my intention is to help you to share that special thing that only you have with the world more fully.  Sessions will reconnect with your self through heart based questions, meditation, card reading, and any other creative & intuitive ways I am guided to hold space for you. Together we will help you to remember who you really are, how very much you matter and re-connect you with your self and your joy!

*Flexible Ka-payment plans are available! I understand the path to realizing our worth might not include a lot of coin in the bank. Please don’t let this stop you. You are worth more than millions and I look forward to helping you own it. Just let me know where you are at because joyful abundance awaits YOU and if you’re feeling the call, I would love to be your guide.

Feel free to reach out and contact me to discuss which package might suit you best!