Joy & Mindfulness Coaching 

Imagine living an aligned life with grace, ease, and JOY.

As a Joy + Mindfulness Coach I am here to help. It’s your turn to get back into the flow of life, achieve harmony and remember how powerful you really are. There are no barriers to your dreams and anything you truly desire is possible.

I am here to ensure your expansion. To mindfully raise your vibration and owning your courageous confidence so you live in alignment, make a positive impact, and share more of your brilliance with the world.

I am here to provide you with tangible ways to feel better, remind you of your unlimited potential, encourage inspired action and hold you accountable all while giving you the room to dream.

I have the perfect program for you. 

Wake up to a life you freaking love!


– You are ready & willing to take responsibility for their Joy and experience more alignment in their everyday life. –  


6 Months

Includes  weekly or bi-weekly calls (in person, via zoom or phone)

* Why 6 months?  

Because anything less is a disservice to YOU! When I work with people for three months or less, the light is typically just beginning to turn on. At three months, clients begin to feel aligned and experience concrete results in their lives. Six months allows us to dig in and create new practices and positive habits. This creates maximum momentum. Who doesn't want that? 

Not ready to commit?

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