Expand your life and create the results you desire.

Where are you at? Where are you going? What are you committed to?  In this group coaching program we are all about taking inspired steps forward. This is where the rubber meets the road. Joy requires action! 

You are ready & willing to take responsibility for your Joy and show up fully to create a life you are excited about. 

Imagine waking up to a life you freaking love! 

As a Joy + Mindfulness Coach I am here to support you in unfolding all of your unique potential. To align with life. It’s time to get back into the flow, achieve harmony and remember how powerful you really are. To know that there are no barriers to your dreams and anything you truly desire is possible.

Gain Awareness. Raise Your Vibration. Build Momentum.
F*cking Focus! Get In Flow. Stay On Track. Be Accountable.  

Gain tangible ways to feel better, tap into your unlimited potential, take inspired action and be accountable all while having the room and support to manifest the hell out of your dreams!

And that's not all...

Mindfully raise your vibration and own your courageous confidence so you live in alignment, make a positive impact, and share more of your brilliance with the world.

This is the perfect program for you.

Joy & Mindfulness Group Coaching Program – Jillian Schecher

Here's how it works:



• Personalized Joy & Mindfulness Analysis

•  60 Minute One-On-One Joy & Mindfulness call to identify your Ayurvedic type 

•  A personalized program designed to help you to befriend yourself, tap into your inner wisdom, meet your goals, and become a purposeful creator in your own life! 

•  Weekly Online Group Coaching Sessions (Tuesdays at 12:00 pm MST)

• A Supportive Private Facebook Community

For the first 6 people who join. (wink-wink)

• Recorded Guided Meditation Bundle – for alignment, getting into flow and connecting to higher self

• Personally Selected Joy Journal

• Inspirational JOY Printable

 Summer 2019 Intake Begins July 2 

What does it mean to play big? Often it means moving through discomfort. Through the things that have been keeping us safe. And small. Enough with that. It's time to live a brightly lit life from the inside out. 

Comfort isn't always good for us. It might feel good. Kind of. But playing small also feels good in that it protects us from the possibility of failing, being hurt or criticized. Comfort can often mean that we are living a dimly lit version of our true selves.

Make this the summer of YOU! And the fall and winter too.  Heck, make this life about you! About unfolding your potential, aligning with your purpose and making your mark on this world. Imagine where you could be 6 months from now. With accountability, support, community and a personalized Joy-based mindfulness program to support your mind, body and soul while you unfold all of your limitless potential, dig into the heart, name your desires, reclaim Joy and walk the freaking walk. Wouldn't that feel pretty awesome?


(Until June 30)

PAY IN FULL : $1497

Use code: JOY20 for an additional 20% off until June 30th as a birth month gift to you! 


PAY IN FULL : $2497

Why Group Coaching?

Not long ago, I joined a group fitness program. I'm an extroverted – introvert (aka: ambivert), and  I love people, yet I'm also a bit of a lone wolf.  There are certain things I prefer to do alone. Working out was one of those things. The problem?  I didn't ever do it! Fitness was too expensive, hard to make time for, easy to ignore, overlook, and generally put off over and over again. In this lower vibrational energy there was so much resistance. Finally, I grew tired of the sabotaging myself. Thank frick!

Flash forward to the present. Booking my workouts holds me accountable. Busting my ass alongside others who are similarly grunting and groaning makes me feel less alone on the way to crushing my goals. Looking back I think wanting to do it alone was allowing my lower self (what I call the ego, or the human self) to take over. It meant not doing it at all. Flash forward seven weeks later and I'm a brighter and more vibrant version of myself. Not just because I'm healthy and strong, but because I'm showing up. For myself. For others. For life. YESSSS! 

Accountability. Community. accessibility. Inspiration. Encouragement. commitment. 

These are just a handful of benefits. There are a zillion more...

Last But Not Least – Truth Talk

I've got to be honest. I didn't want to launch a coaching program. Not until I felt it was a HELL YES! I wanted to launch something special I knew had the power to transform those who are ready to stand up, show up and expand the sh*t out of their hearts and their lives. This is it!

Are you tired of:

• Making promises to yourself that you don't keep?
• Sabotaging yourself?
• Feeling comfortable yet misaligned?
• Letting fear & resistance stop you?

If you feel like you need a push, someone or something to hold you accountable. If you know deep down you are meant for more.

If you have a hard time focusing and want to ground down your creativity. As long as you feel ready to try a new way. To push past the resistance. To stop settling for less than you deserve then I can honestly say: YOU BELONG HERE. 

 That's right my friend. You. Belong. Here.

We will be addressing every aspect of life in this program. First and foremost we will start at the level of the mind. We will live and breathe The Joy Method. You will shock and surprise yourself and it will be freaking wonderful. 

Group coaching programs typically run from $497-$997 and upwards into the thousands. I'm currently offering an introductory rate and with the desire to keep the group small and intimate, I'm only accepting a very small number of people into the program. I will not be running another one until January 2020 and pricing will increase at that time. If you feel the HELL YES too, I encourage you to listen to it.

If you're not 100% sure but feel this might be for you, let's hop on a call!  

* If you like the idea of coaching but want to go deeper or meet in person, there is a one-on-one option!  Connect with me to find out more. 

If you're not ready to commit? That's okay, I've got you! Check out The Joy Nest.