Life Design Workshop

A Joy Session

Connect with the unlimited power within & become the deliberate designer of your life.

Ready to start designing a life filled with everything

your heart desires?

If you could wave a magic wand and have a life beyond your wildest dreams, what would it look like and feel like?

Waking up to a life you love requires that you are clear about how you want to feel and the things you want to experience. It means focusing on these things...

It requires you to harness your role as the deliberate designer of your life and tap into the unlimited power within!

Join me for this FREE Life Design Workshop as we dive into the life you desire to create and get you moving toward it. 

What to expect during this FREE Workshop :

1 – 

One hour of Live Instruction

from Jillian Schecher, Joy + Mindfulness Coach

2 – 

a Printable workbook 

for you to use during the workshop

3 – 

a heart-based meditation

to help you connect with what your dream life looks like

4 – 

The Space to Dream

and connect with the unlimited power within

5 – 

Create positive Momentum

toward your desires

6 – 

Become a Deliberate Designer  

and begin designing a life that feels oh so good!

Meet Jillian

Hello My Friend,

I'm Jillian Schecher, a Joy + Mindfulness Coach, Law of Attraction Expert and Life Designer ​

whose mission is to empower others to own their inner Joy Warrior and deliberately design a life they love!

I created The Joy Method™ to help people feel better and become the deliberate designers in their lives by using their feelings and focus as their superpower.


In my experience, this often involves self-compassion, the willingness to befriend our feelings, and the desire to connect with ourselves, others, and life on a deeper level. 

No matter where you are or what you're experiencing, you and your feelings matter. I would love to empower you to deliberately design a life you’re excited to wake up to. 

I am over-JOYED to have you in this free Workshop. 

Are you ready for this?


XJ, Jillian 

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