For Busy Biz Owners + Heart Based Leaders ready to tap into their magic and align with JOY!

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What if feeling good was your #1 job?

Imagine what it would feel like to have an entire morning to yourself each month. Time just for you to stop, take stock, align with what’s lighting you up and release the rest. Imagine how much lighter you would feel!

Add a cherry on top with a magical manifestation session with others who are taking accountability for Joy…

The better you feel, the more you allow abundance of all forms to flow to you.

First you must slow down enough to catch your breath and take a moment.

Often the most productive thing you can do is pause.

I see you...

You are at the mercy of your to-do's, in reaction mode and always just trying to cross things off the list while making everything but you a priority.  

Maybe you feel unfocused and fear if you slow down, everything will crumble. 

Or you're not sure exactly where to even start because you’ve been in reaction mode for so long.

If you are tired of hustling and letting fear, lack of focus and not-enoughness control you. I've got you! 

Maybe you're trying to prove "you've got this'', meanwhile you’re running yourself friggin RAGGED.  And, I'm overJOYED to share –  there is so much more for you! 


Your soul knows...

The soul knows it's not what we do but how we feel that matters most. 

What if you turned your “to-do” list into a “to-be” list? 

I want to share a way to live and work that will support your heart, mind and soul. Imagine honouring who you are at the deepest level while you unfold your dreams with focus, care, and confidence.

Joy magic is about tapping into the brilliance within. It's about making room for BE-ing so you can harness your inner power to deliberately design a life you love with energy and JOY. A wildly abundant life that feels oh so good!

Join me for the next 6 months to harness your superpowers, take inspired action and watch everything unfold before you. 

It's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible.

Ready to tap into the power within and manifest the shit out of your life? 

Welcome to JOY MAGIC!

JOY MAGIC is for you if:

  • You are ready to step into your dream life + biz
  • You want to learn how to flow instead of force 
  • You're ready to play in the realm of limitless possibilities
  • You are excited to use Joy as a strategy 
  •  You want to create beautiful momentum that inspires others
  • You want to experience energy and turn up your MF-ing light!

Allow me to support you in activating your manifestation magic!

I am here to guide, inspire and encourage your alignment. Commit 100% to yourself and and meeting the Joy Goals you set with soulful intention, and I guarantee you will experience Joy Magic!

If you are ready to give form to your dreams as you walk an empowered journey of growth, inspiration and awe, you are in the right place. 

"Best investment I’ve made for myself to date! "

"After working with Jillian, I’m confident in my ability to be a creator in the life I desire. I truly learned and FEEL that a joyful life is 100% available to us all.

This was the best investment I’ve made for myself to date! I’m so grateful for this group, the practices I rely on, the space Jillian created for us, and the accountability and support we had. If you feel the draw to this… DO IT."    

– Elyse C.

The doors to Joy Magic are currently closed.

Get on the list to be notified when enrollment begins.

What's The Daily Joy Journal™?

Amplify your monthly magic with The Daily Joy Journal™

If you sign up for Joy Magic Plus, The Daily Joy Journal™  is a tool you get to support alignment with Joy. It includes 90 days of strategically guided writing prompts meant to inspire and maintain a daily Joy practice. This will be super helpful for you as you manifest the shit out of your life. 

Receive a 6-month supply when you join JOY MAGIC Plus!